Bare Face Toning Cream


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✨Finish your make up in 30sec with Bare Face Toning Cream✨

 Brightens your Complexion
The cream works by brightening and evening out your skin tone. It contain brightening ingredients such as niacinamide and fruit extracts.
Gets rid of Dark Marks
Tone up creams won't just temporarily brighten your skin, they'll fight discoloration and hyperpigmentation as well. So if you have a stubborn acne mark that just won't go away, you can trust the cream will work hard to erase it.
Reduces the size of your Pores
Tone up creams contain skin-perfecting ingredients to help tighten pores and refine your skin's texture. This way your complexion will always look clear, plump, and smooth
How to use
Every Moment (24 HOURS) apply generously onto face using upward sweeping motions. *Do not rinse. Leave it for 5 minutes before stepping out. For better results, use it daily.
  • Helps the skin repair its own DNA, to remove the signs of aging and deliver a soft, healthy glow
  • Encourages collagen production, firming and smoothing the skin
  • Nourishes the skin with deep hydration to brighten and soften complexion
  • Inhibits free radical damage
  • Suitable for men & women and all skin types, even the most sensitive or acne-prone skin

Package Include

  • 1xBare Face Toning Cream