Car Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Caps - Set For 4


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Instantly Monitor your Tires
with just a glance before going out on the Road!
With this Pressure Monitoring valve caps you can tell at a glance whether there is a tire inflation problem. Enhances road handling, increases economy, extends tire life!
The tire air sensors is well worth the value in terms of convenience and habit formation. Available in chrome plated to complement any wheel and fits passenger vehicles.
  • Car Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Caps: Visually alerts you when the tire pressure is low to help avoid premature tire wear or blowouts from under-inflated tires.

  • 3 Colors to alert Indication: Green shows that tire pressure is normal, Yellow shows that the pressure is down about 5 pounds, Red alerts you that the pressure is down by at least 10 pounds.


  • The application of the tire valve caps will greatly save use of oil and reduce the rub of the tire and prolong life time of it.


  • Easy application: Just unscrew the original cap and screw into the tire pressure monitoring valve caps.


  • Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Caps could also be used on motorcycle tires and bicycle tires.


  1. Determine the correct tire pressure for your tires
  2. Inflate tire to correct pressure
  3. Install this new pressure cap tight
  4. Simply look at the color to know if your tire is low or normal


  • Material: Chrome + PC
  • Round Style: 36PSI

Package Included

  • 4 x Car Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Caps