Car Vent Invisible Air Refresher


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This Car Vent Invisible Refresher has an original design and looks like a part of the car with the original touch of the car.
A low-key design that integrates with the car. It diffuses aroma, refreshes your car without being eye-catching. 
  • Refreshing Aroma and Non-Toxic: This air refresher will give your car a comfortable feeling, creating a pleasant ambiance. It is harmless, safe for pregnant women, babies, children, and elders.
  • Thin Design: Thin and light design that does not block the air outlet and your view on the road, ensures a safe ride.
  • High Quality Materials: It is made from a high quality ABS, a lot more durable refresher shell, and a aromatherapy buckle. 
  • Paddle Design: Both a car air freshener and an air vent paddle. It is a convenient to use and move. 

  • Silica Gel Protection: With a silica gel mat, it can tightly grip and causes no damages to your car.


    Materials: ABS
    Size: 78mm x 7.6mm
    Colors: Black, Gray


    1 x Car Vent Invisible Air Refresher Plus Free 6PCS Air Refresher
    5PCS x Air Refresher