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Cat Toast Mould

Cat Toast Mould

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Add extra charm to your baked creations
using the 
Cat Toast Mould! This delightful baking accessory 
molds bread into a cute cat shape while baking.

The inside is double-layered with a non-stick coating 
that makes it easy to perfectly demold bread 

You can easily pop out bread from toast pan without
harming its appearance. Secondly, the bottom ventilation
design allows the dough to be heated more evenly
and has a richer taste. Note: When you need to bake with

 Quality Material 
Durably made from thick high quality aluminized
iron plate suitable for temperatures up to 232°C.

Easy to Clean 
Dishwasher-friendly and easy to wash as its non-stick
surface prevents crusts from sticking. 

Widely Applicable 
Use it for baking different recipes such as loaves
cakes, pies, pancakes and more.


The cute shape makes children more appetite,
and can create all kinds of cute toast through
your unlimited imagination.