Chain Bag Queen Lipsticks - 3PCS


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Are you used to the same lipstick?


It's time to surprise! Seeing it at first sight, it caught eyes in an instant, really super beautiful.

Fashionable box Lipstick comes with chain and shiny diamonds.



  • 【Charming Luxury Chain Bag Lipstick】: The shape of the lipstick is a chain bag, and it is also set with sparkling diamonds. For beautiful people who like shiny and unique style, this lipstick has irresistible charm!


  • 【Innovative Lipstick Section】: The newly opened mold-shaped tear-shaped lipstick cut surface can more accurately outline the lip peak and make your lip makeup more delicate.


  • 【Moisturize】: Keeps your lips soft and moist, bold and bright colors stand out from the crowd, or nude colors that can be used for many purposes can be safe use.


  • 【Natural Ingredients】: Made from natural ingredients, this lipstick is non-toxic and safe, does not harm the skin and increases the luster of the lips. Color highly and rich color can increase the charm of your lips.




  • Type: Matte Lipstick
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Weight: 3.5g x 3pcs
  • Set A: Natural Lip Balm, Heat Discoloration Lip Balm, Maple Red

  • Set B: Heat Discoloration Lip Palm, Cinnabar Red, Orange Red

  • Set C: Heat Discoloration Lip Palm, Dark Red, Hawthorn Red


  • 3 x Queen Lipsticks
  • 1 x Chain Bag