Cotton Camisole With Build-in Bra


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There's days when you just don't bother to put on a bra and a shirt. This is the shirt made for those days! 
This cotton soft camisole comes with a comfortable build-in bra to save you some time! 
  • Build-in Soft Comfort Supportive Bra! This minimal camisole is designed with a build-in bra, giving you a breathable, comfortable convenience for an effortless everyday look! 

  • Strong Concentrating Shape-Boost! The build-in bra is here to give you a concentrating contour-enhancement for your breast, preventing any sagging even when you're not wearing a full bra! 

  • Flexible Materials For A Perfect Fit! This camisole is made with a flexible blend of premium cotton and nylon, giving women of all sizes a comfortable and perfect fit! 

  • Dry Breezy Comfort! This cotton camisole is designed with a soft breezy sensation, giving you a cool and dry comfortable experience in all situation! 

  • Versatile Styling! This cotton camisole works as a wonderful and fashionable staple styling item whether you want to wear it out or just lounging around! 

  • Feathery Cotton Soft Comfort! This camisole is created with premium bamboo fiber cotton and nylon blend, giving you an unparalleled comfort every time you wear it! 


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  • 1* Cotton Camisole With Build-in Bra