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Cute Petal Mousse Foam Hand Soap

Cute Petal Mousse Foam Hand Soap

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Now's the time to enjoy handwashing with this hand soap dispenser. Each pump dispenses the perfect amount of foam in the shape of the beautiful flower.
An elevated handwashing experience that encourages hand washing, especially for your kids. It delivers effortless cleansing, to make the hands soft and free from dirt. 
  • Flower Shaped Bubbles: Exquisite craftmanship of special flower pump head with a deep cleansing soap, making you and your kids love handwashing. 
  • Enjoyable Handwashing: This hand soap is will give you and your child the willingness to wash your hands because of its cuteness, keeping your hands clean and soft.

  • Easy Pump Head with Buckle: The buckle serves as a lock of the bottle to keep your soap from spilling while not in use. To use it, remove the buckle, pump it downward, then the flower foam will be place on your hand.
  • Reusable Soap Dispenser: This flower foam dispenser is refillable. It can be used for shampoo, face cleanser, dishwashing liquid, etc. 

Volume: 250ml

1 x Cute Petal Mousse Foam Hand Soap