DIY Wood Grain Scrapping Stencil


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Turn any surface to a gorgeous natural wood surface with this scrapping stencil! 
No skills, no stroke-by-stroke painting! 
  • Realistic Wood Grain In One Scrap! This smart wood grain stencil let you create realistic and natural looking wood grain patterns in one smooth, effortless scrapping motion! Turn any dull paints into gorgeous wooden pattern without any hassles or time-consuming drawings

  • Smooth Clear Patterns! This scrapping tool is perfect to create smooth and clear wood grain patterns over any surfaces! To introduce more defined 3D texture to your surfaces, use our stencil over thicker fresh paint! 

  • Easy Varying Patterns! Create different patterns all with one same stencil effortlessly by changing the angles of the scrapping sides, introduce the beauty of difference and uniqueness to your home improvement projects and DIY decor projects! 

  • Ergonomic Hold! Enjoy a smooth, effortless and comfortable wood grain painting using our DIY wood stencil even for a long time with our ergonomic handle design! 


  • Weight: (MS3)140g; (MS6)147g
  • Materials: Premium rubber
  • Dimensions:
    • (MS3) 7.2* 6.4cm; 15*6.4cm
    • (MS6) 9*3cm; 13*4cm


  • (MS3) 2* DIY Wood Grain Scrapping Stencil
  • (MS6) 2DIY Wood Grain Scrapping Stencil
  • (MS3 & MS6) 4* DIY Wood Grain Scrapping Stencil