Electric Scraping Massager


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IMPROVE YOUR BODY CONDITION: Adjust the instrument's heat energy and suction according to the user's needs.

VACUUM POINT MASSAGE: Through vacuum point massage the skin surface to produce petechiae, you are relieved from pain and enable your body to detoxify itself at the same time.

HOT COMPRESS EFFECT: Through the heat effect, it makes the collagen of the dermis proliferate and continuously calorie, so that the muscle is relaxed and the pressure is released.

MAGNETIC WAVE PHYSIOTHERAPY: Effectively eliminate fatigue, improve vanish of the inflammation and decrease swelling and pain, etc. 

MULTIPLE DEEP KNEADING: Multiple massager nodes will knead together and relieve pain, knot and muscle tension, like the hands of a real masseuse. 

Package Includes:

Electric Scraping Massager x 1
Selected Plug x 1