First Whitening Essence Lotion


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Natural brightening effect for face and body.


Secret of celebrities' beautiful skin! You can have milky white skin! 


Those Who Need have cheerless and dark skin tone, want to have milky white skin, want long-lasting brightening effect, want squeaky brightening product.



  • SUPER BRIGHT EFFECT - Helping skin to stay clear and pure by engaging in various enzyme reactions and preventing melanin production. Makes Skin Super White.

  • GREAT MOISTURIZING EFFECT - Squeaky texture, fast absorption, Perfect thick and creamy texture with plentiful moisture featured with instant penetration as well it gives great moisturizing effect by containing sodium hyaluronic acid.


  • LONG LASTING - It will last for 10hrs!


  • YOUTHFUL SKIN - This lotion improves skin texture and tone for a youthful appearance and radiant facial complexion



  • Net Weight: 40ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years


  • 1 x First Whitening Essence Lotion