Heavy Weight Magnetic Telescope Pickup Tool


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This magnetic tool helps you improve work efficiency, an indispensable tool for workshops and homes. It can quickly absorb various magnetic parts, which is convenient for operation. The maximum suction weight of these telescoping magnet is 20 pounds.TELESCOPING DESIGN

The magnetic pickup can reach every corner of places, such as the back of the cabinet or refrigerator. With long handle which can extend from 7 inches to 30 inches, enabling you to collect objects near or far from you.


This magnetic telescoping pickup tool can be applied for finding metal nuts, bolts, screws, and other metal pieces. Very essential tool in the toolbox, providing convenience for life.


Made of stainless steel tubes, which are durable, hard to break, and have a long service life. Soft cushion grip handle provides a comfortable experience while helping you for a better control.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Sizes: 18 cm x 66 cm / 18.5 cm x 78.5 cm / 18.5 cm x 78.5 cm / 195 mm x 795 mm

Styles: 10lbs Without Light / 15lbs Without Light / 20lbs Without Light / 8lbs With Light

1 x Heavy Weight Magnetic Telescope Pickup Tool