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Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS 1688 1 Set (10PCS)
Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS 1688
Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS 1688
Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS 1688
Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS 1688

Herbal Mites Pads - 10PCS

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ūüėĪStop living with thousands of bugs & mites!¬†ūüėĪ
Herbal Mites Pads effectively kills 98.9% of bed bugs, dust mites, and even chemical resistant mites to save you and your family. Say goodbye to skin allergy and running nose immediately!
Get a good night's sleep without worrying about staining bedding and pillows. Simply slip it under your mattress and pillow covers for the long-lasting protection that lasts up to 3 months, that's it! 



  • Powerful Mite Killer -¬†Kills 98.9% of bed bugs, dust mites,¬†spider mites, russet mites, powder mildew, aphids, fleas, mold spores & their eggs on contact¬†even Pesticide Resistant Mites!


  • Safe & Natural -¬†Made from¬†100% non-toxic, natural ingredients¬†that produce immediate results!¬†Safe to use around kids,¬†plants, and pets, say goodbye to traditional harmful pesticides!


  • Stain & Scent Free -¬†With this natural mite killer, you can¬†get a good night‚Äôs sleep¬†without worrying about staining bedding and pillows!¬†Worry-free to apply it directly to sheets, mattress, and pillow covers because of its¬†100% scent-free!


  • Long-Lasting Protection -¬†You will nothing to worry about.¬†It will last¬†up to¬†3 months


  • Effectively Prevents¬†:
    1. Sneezing Runny or stuffy nose
    2. Red, itchy eyes
    3. Wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath
    4. Itchy scalp & skin



  • Fragrance:¬†No Scent
  • No Pesticides:¬†100% Safe & Natural Ingredients
  • Use range:¬†Quilts, Pillows, Sheets, Carpets, Sofas, Pet Nests, Etc.



  • Pillowcase: 1PC
  • Mattress Interlayer: 4-6PCS


  • Sofa: 4-6PCS
  • Under The Mat: 2-4PCS


  • 10PCS / 20PCS¬†¬†x¬†Herbal Mites Pads