Herbal Smooth 3 Minutes Hair Removal Balm


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You can get silky smooth hairless skin in 3 minutes with a durable effect! 
  • 3 Minutes Silky Smooth Skin! This hair removal balm provides you with a quick, instant effective treatment for the perfect velvety skin in only 3 minutes! 

  • Build-in Silicone Applicator! This hair removal balm comes with a soft, skin-friendly silicone scrubber at the tip, making it possible to apply in the fastest and cleanest way! 

  • Easy Pampering Hair Removal! Simply apply the balm evenly onto your skin with the applicator and wait for 3 minutes! This is the ultimate hair removal solution without any pain or danger

  • Quick Action Deep Reaching Formula! Formulated with natural herbal extract, our balm will reach deep into your pores instantly and remove hair gently from the roots clearly, making it a far more thorough option than other hair removal solution! 

  • Removes And Inhibits Hair Growth! Our herbal balm removes hair instantly by weakening the structure of your unwanted hair while slow down and inhibit unwanted hair growth in the long run! 

Experience The Instant Smooth Perfection Yourself Now! Over 98.3% of our customers have experienced the wonderful results! 

  • Perfect For Whole Body! Our hair removal balm is gentle and pampering enough to use on even facial hair or around private area

  • Organic Natural Herbal Formula! We adopted the highest quality organic ingredients to create our balm, such as Damascus Rose, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Magnolia, and more, to give you a moisturizing hair removal balm you need! 


  • Net Content: 150g
  • Active Ingredient: Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Magnolia, Damascus Rose, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Applicator Materials: Food-grade silicone


  • (1PC Set) 1* Herbal Smooth 3 Minutes Hair Removal Balm
  • (2PCs Set) 2* Herbal Smooth 3 Minutes Hair Removal Balm
  • (After Care Essence) 1* Herbal Smooth After Care Serum