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Jeans Retractable Button
Jeans Retractable Button
Jeans Retractable Button
Jeans Retractable Button
Jeans Retractable Button
Jeans Retractable Button

Jeans Retractable Button

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👖 Make your belt wider and more comfortable quickly and conveniently 👖

Feel comfortable and look good

  • Quickly add extra space (1-2 inches) to the waist area of ​​your favorite dress pants! Great for trousers where the waist is too tight but the length is perfect. Easily extend the life of your pants during the working day or for a special event.
High quality material
  • The pants extension button is made of high quality aluminum alloy and safe silicone, anti-corrosion, durable and reusable, more sturdy than plastic.
Premium buttons blend
  • Includes 12 jeans style belt extender buttons, you can choose a favorite style to use to match your pants, allowing them to blend with your pants color, which could match your different size clothes.

Easy to use

  • Metal spring elastic buttons do not need to sew, are easy to use and remove, could easily add 1-2 extra inches to your pants waistband, our pants extender buttons suitable for women and men, teens and adults, could be used in various pants, regular pants, jeans, cowboy wear, make you more loose and comfortable, and save money for a new pant.

Using methods

  • Our buttons will give you an extra space of 1 "or reduce your waist size by 1" INSTANTLY. Just stick the fastener under the pin to hold it securely in place. Tighten the fastener to remove it.

Usage scenarios

You can buy pants but you can't buy comfort

  • You can always buy new pants whenever you feel it is getting smaller or bigger. But do you think it solves the problem? Are you willing to spend your hard-earned money just because the pants don't fit you? Give these clip buttons a chance to overcome the problem in your life.
  • Type: Retractable Button For Jeans
  • Style: Random
  • Material: silicone, metal
  • Uses: jeans, casual pants

Package Included:
5 Pieces Set: Jeans Retractable Button * 5Pcs

10 Pieces Set 🔥 Save 60% 🔥: Jeans Retractable Button * 10Pcs