Jumbo Hanging Coat Vacuum Bag


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Organize your Clothes, Saving you Time and Effort! 
Jumbo Hanging Coat Vacuum Bag stores your winter weather clothes collection such as padded jackets and thick cardigans without worrying about odor, insects, dirt, moisture, dust and mildew.
We guarantee 100% long-lasting air tightness and great compression with non-return valve - You can save up to 75% space comparing with normal storage! We offer 2 sizes to perfectly fit either short jacket or long coat!
Made of durable 60-micron plastic, offering sturdy protection for clothing. Each bag features double zipping and rotatable main hanger for easiest storage.
  • Space-saving 
    Packing bulky season clothes with vacuum to save up to 75% of your closet space!
  • Full Protection to Clothing Perfect for long-term storage to keep items from dust, mildew, moisture, dirt, insects and odors. Creating 100% airtight environment prevents bacteria building.

  • Long-lasting Air tightness
    The unique double zip seal and non-return valve ensures no air get back in.
  • Large Capacity
    Each bag can store 5-6 clothes with 2 cascading hanger hooks inside.
  • Reusable and Durable
    Our space bags are made of premium PA + PE material, softer than other space saver bags on the market and can be reused multiple times.
  • Universal Valve
    The valve is on the middle of the vacuum bags, which is easier to operate than on the top of the bag. It also fits for all kinds of household vacuum cleaner.

  • Wide Application
    Ideal to blankets, duvets, down jackets, gown, cardigan, bedspreads, pillows and more.



  1. Hang the space saving bag in your closet first.
  2. Add your clothes in the hanger rings.
  3. Seal the bags with the provided clips.
  4. Place the hose of the vacuum over the valve and vacuum the air out.
  5. Close the caps to create an air-tight seal.


  • Material: PET + PE
  • Size: 110 cm x 67 cm (L), 90 cm x 70 cm (S) 


  • 1 x Jumbo Hanging Coat Vacuum Bag