LashOUT Glue-free False Eyelash


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 Get those long, luscious & captivating lashes
 Water-activated self-adhesive lashes

✨ Glue-free attachment!  These false lashes gives you a whole new easy application experience! Glue it on with nothing but water! No more glue mess or waiting for it to dry when putting it on! 
✨ Water Activated Lashes! These false lashes are created with self-adhesive that sticks on when it comes into contact with water! Create the most glamorous look without using any irritable and messy lash glue! 
✨ Feathery Lightweight Natural Lusciousness! The LashOUT collection gives your eyes a naturally glamourous look without any weight using the premium silk fiber! Enjoy a dense, thick, glorious lashes that holds and stays on all day long! 
✨ Easy Removal! The LashOUT falsies are extremely easy to remove! The water-activated adhesive makes it easy for you to remove without pulling on your delicate skin! These glue-free lashes are easy to clean and reuse without any residue
✨Reusable! The LashOUT comes with a little case for easy storage! Once cleaned, you can use these lashes again and again! 
  • Irritation Free
  • Water Activated
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Reusable Lashes


  • Materials: Premium synthetic silk fiber
  • Options: Bluebell/ Rose/ Daffodil/ Dandelion/ Lotus/ Peony/ Marigold/ Hyacinth/ Iris/ Orchid/ Geranium/ Poppy

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair*  LashOUT Glue-free False Eyelash
  • 1* Case