Natural Herbs White Hair Cover-Up Stick


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A Magic way to turn Old to Vitality in ONLY 1 MINUTE!
The “Natural Herbs White Hair Cover-Up Stick” is the fast solution to get rid of those unwanted gray roots!

Instant Gray Root Coverage
Perfect cover-up for areas around the hairline, broad areas of white-gray hair, sideburns, and roots.

Visible effect in just a few swipes!
Plant ingredients, Non-toxic
Safe natural ingredient made from SQUID INK and GREEN TEA EXTRACT. Do not harm your hair and scalp. After using, the hair is still FLEXIBLE, NATURAL, and SOFT!
No irritating feeling can be used by the elderly and pregnant women.
Easy To Apply
 Just press the bottom part of the tube and apply it to the target area as if you are painting your hair. Apply evenly for maximum satisfaction. Dries in just 5 minutes!
NO DRIPPING due to a more water-resistant formulation.
Two options for your hair color.
Perfect for on the go & small enough for travel!
Package Includes:
1 x Natural Herbs White Hair Cover-Up Stick(Black/Brown/Blond)
2 x Natural Herbs White Hair Cover-Up Stick (Black/Brown/Blond)