Natural Medi-Grade Tags and Moles Remover


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MORE EFFECTIVE THAN EVER: Natural Medi-Grade Tags and Moles Remover packs the power of pure Salicylic Acid, in the highest concentration available in the market, to bring about permanent, fast & targeted skin tag removal, mole removal & wart removal


Remove Skin Tags Without Scarring: It removes skin tag and moles gently and easily with no scar.

Advance Fast Action: Natural Medi-Grade Tags and Moles Remover is formulated specifically to penetrate & correct even the most stubborn skin tags, moles & warts from the root up; Advanced Mole Remover for unprecedentedly fast results 

Solve Skin Problems: Quickly remove common and plantar, corns, callus, warts and restore skin health and beauty.


Consistent Mole Removal: Natural formula, no side-effects, no harm to the skin, no pain and no smell.

Painless, Scar-Free & Safe: Painless, non-surgical & safe application; Medical Grade formula for professional skin tag removal with no scars.


Cost-effective & Convenient: This product is a cost-effective alternative to expensive & painful surgical procedures.

Easy to Apply: Wash the affected skin with water, dry & apply Natural Medi-Grade Tags and Moles Remover, consistent mole removal, skin tag removal & wart removal results.

Package Includes:

.1 x  Natural Medi-Grade Tags and Moles Remover (3ml)