Plant Root Growing Box - Revolutionary Air-Propagation System


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Growing more plants from an already existing one may look complicated at first but if you have the right tool for the job, things will come off easily.

First ,cut off the outer skin of the healthy rattan, and then wrap it with a suitable size of root box filled with moist soil or moss. Over 1-6 months(according to different plant growth rates and the wanted Root volume), when seeing a lot of roots growing inside the box , you can then cut the rooted rattan and transplant it into a new pot.Then there will a new healthy plant growing brightly.The stems of green plants and the branches of trees can quickly grow into new plants by using Rooting Growing Box.

Reusable Plastic Box - This box encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoot that blooms 2 times faster. It can enhance plant resistance and prevent plant root rot. Made of high-quality PET that can be reused for another more rounds of plant propagation.

Upgrade 4 automatic deduction holes can complete the work by one person.

The diameter of the water inlet is increased to facilitates watering.

The bottom can be adjusted reasonably according to the diameter of the branches.


Material: high-quality PET
Small Size: diameter: 5cm, applicable branches size: 3-9mm
Medium Size: diameter: 8cm, applicable branches size: 7-12mm
Large Size:diameter: 12cm, applicable branches size: 13-31mm
The size: and the large size can put in 2-3 branches at the same time.


1. Why Use Professional Plant Rooting Box Instead of Plastic Bags or Bottles?

The newly designed Plant Rooting Box firstly aims to facilitate plant replication and improve survival rate. The second is to protect the environment and save resources, because the box can be recycled and it is easy to use. Third, provide a professional growth environment for root growth, ensuring humidity, tightness, and protection from light.

2. Why Is The Box Black?

At first, the design of the box was changed to black and white. According to experimental data, the rooting effect of the black box is better than that of the white box. The reason is that the growth of the root system needs to be protected from light, and black is easy to absorb and store heat. A friend mentioned that using colorful boxes can make it easier for people to see the position of the box. This suggestion we will try again later.

3. What Matrix Do I Need To Fill The Box?

The filling needs to be moist, such as moist moss, soft soil, sawdust mixture and peat.

4. Do I Need To Water The Box?

The filling in the box needs to be kept moist continuously, and it needs to be watered manually when there is not enough rain. There are reserved watering holes at the top of the box. When not watering, seal the holes with tape to help root growth.

5. How Long Can It Take Root?

The time of rooting depends on the plant species. In general, after using the box for 2-3 weeks, you can see white roots grow out. After 3-6 months, you can separate the new "root ball" from the original plant and transplant the "root ball" to New soil. In short, the rooting time depends on the variety of plants and the number of roots needed to grow.

6. What Kind of Plants Are Suitable For Plant Rooting Box?

Suitable for branches with hard wood and not easy to bend, or trees with high crown and branches that cannot be pressed to the ground, such as ginkgo, pomegranate, citrus, fig, pear tree, lemon tree, grape, maple tree, pecan, etc.; and The precious garden flowers and plants in the plant, such as roses, michelia, Milan, rhododendron camellia, rose banyan, magnolia, white orchid and red bauhinia. If the plant's branches are soft and easy to access the ground, you can press the plant branches directly into the ground soil to promote rooting.

7. How To Use Plant Rooting Box?

1. Ring cut the healthy branches to cause a wound.
2. Wrap it with a suitable size of root box filled with moist soil or moss.
3. After 1-6 months (according to different plant growth rates and the wanted Root volume), when seeing a lot of roots growing inside the box, you can then cut the rooted rattan and transplant it into a new pot. Then there will a new healthy plant growing brightly.


Air-layering is a method of reproducing plans by inducing roots to form on a plant stem without cutting off the stem from the parent plant. It is an excellent way of replicating an existing plant without disturbing the parent plant. Air-layering can produce larger plants which are readily mature much faster than growing them from seed or cuttings.

Air-layering procedure is to remove the ring of bark from the stem, to enclose the exposed stem with a moist medium, and to keep the medium moist until enough roots for transplant are formed. The branch can extend from the observation port. Use black tape to seal when not in use. Prolonged ventilation will affect the rooting time.

What Kind of Plants Are Suitable for Air-Layerring with Air-Propagators?

Air-Propagators work with almost all trees, shrubs, and vines - including plants which are hard to root from cuttings. However, stems of some plants (such as vines) are very fragile and require extra care when you remove / scrape the bark away.

Package Includes:

  • 5 x / 10 x /20 x Plant Root Growing Box