Portable USB Nano Fumigant Spray


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The nano diffuser is the best option to always carry disinfectant. You can use it on different surfaces without difficulties: the cell phone, the keys, the house knob, the elevator buttons, the laptop keyboard, the subway bar .

Alcohol or disinfectant, you choose: You can fill the tank with alcohol or disinfectant, as long as it is totally liquid. For proper disinfection, experts recommend alcohol equal to or greater than 60º. Spray until you feel the object wet.

Use it whenever you need to: The nano diffuser is chargable.

Fill it up and charge it with the built-in USB and use it as many times as you want. Suitable for power bank, laptop or even your car.

Its vaporization system disinfects without having to throw droplets that can damage technological devices. Always carry it with you: It only weighs 50 grams and fits in your purse or pocket. You will save on disinfectant: Its technology releases the liquid into nanoparticles, which allows to disinfect more surface using less liquid.

Easy light system: Blue light on while using, Red light on while charging, No lights when it's charged. 

Product included: 1x Portable USB Nano Fumigant Spray