Print Heat Transfer Paper


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Create Unique Gifts with THIS TRANSFER PAPER!✨

Bring out your creative ideas visible into your shirts, mugs, shoes, backpacks, glass and more!

Using heat transfer paper is a fun and easy activity that can produce great results and can be a very fun activity for children to try as well.

Find or design an image that you’d like printed on your shirt or fabric. Print the image via an inkjet printer onto the heat transfer paper.

Position your image and press the paper face-down onto the shirt and gently iron it on. Lift up your paper and you’re finished! The process is so easy and the possibilities are endless.

  • Superior quality
    Graphics made with transfer paper have a sharp look that is to last for 20 or more washes!
  • Easy to use
    Our transfer paper is compatible with most printers. Designs can be transferred in minutes with an iron.
  • Endless possibilities
    allows you to add designs to t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, pillows, tote bags and more!
  • For all occasions
    You can create custom gifts such as shirts for bachelor, bachelorette parties, sweet sixteens, or 21st birthdays!


T-Shirt Size Chart


  • Size: A4 (About 21cm x 30cm)
    Color: White