Retractable Garden Plant Fence


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Decorate Your House With Earthy Feel While Providing Privacy From the Outside World! 

Add an elegant look to any decor or can simply be used to make a plain fence or railing. It will not only enhance the privacy of your area, but also the scenery.


The Retractable Garden Plant Fence is the perfect way to have a sense of privacy and security while you relax.


  • Realistic green leaf look. Artificial plant, no need to plant. The artificial leaves are natural looking to provide every indoor or outdoor space a blooming, earthy feel without the need for watering. Made of quality materials, it's fade-resistant. Durable, fresh looking plastic and polyester leaves keep their evergreen look year-round and are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Liven up any space. Retractable. It's easy to use and install, just use zip ties or tape. Easy to put on a fence, trellis, wall, or other area. Lightweight design makes it easy to move around to redecorate and beautify any room or space.

  • Densely packed leaves. The fence leaves are placed closely enough to provide blockage from harsh sunlight while also allowing air flow through the open net back. The added mesh backing easily beautify landscaping, providing more privacy windscreen protection to its users.

  • Functional. Strategically place the fence in areas that may be exposed. It is intended for both interior and exterior usage, can be used as wall decoration, fence screen, privacy screen, and etc. It provides extra privacy without gaps.



  • Material: Plastic + Silk Cloth
  • Size: 20CM (L) x 40CM (H) to 200CM (L) x 28CM (H)
  • Style: Diverse-leaved Creeper ,Spotted-leaf Begonia ,Scindapsus (,Taiwan Wild Grape 


  • 1 x Retractable Garden Plant Fence