Silky Smooth Instant Hair Removal Lotion


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You're about one spray and several minutes away from getting that hairless, silky smooth skin! 
  • No More Unwanted Hair In One Spray! This ultimate hair-removal lotion gently removes any unwanted hair growth in one swipe! Spray on and witness the miracle in several minutes! 


  • Inhibits Growth From The Roots! Our hair removal lotion reaches deep down to the pores instantly, removes and inhibits hair growth from the roots

  • Gentle And Effective Hair Removal Solution! Say goodbye to razor or other displeasing methods! This hair removal lotion is here to give you a whole new pain-free and instant experience

  • Applicable To All Parts Of Body! This hair removal lotion comprises of an organic, gentle formula; perfect for removing arm, back, underarm, leg, facial, and even hair in the private area! 

  • Organic Botanical Formula! Created with all natural botanical ingredients, this hair removal lotions is here to give you a pampering, skin-loving effect as you remove unwanted hair growth! 

Pampering And Mositurizing Effect! This hair removal lotion relieves any irritation and provides you skin with proper nutrients and moisture as it removes unwanted hair! 


  1. Clean the area with unwanted hair and dry thoroughly;
  2. Spray on the Removal Lotion over desired area carefully;
  3. Wait for 8 minutes for the best outcome;
  4. Wipe off the lotion with the hair gently
  5. Rinse the area with water until all lotions are washed off. 


  • Net Content: 30ml
  • Major Active Care Ingredient: Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Calendula


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  • (10PCS Set) 10* Silky Smooth Instant Hair Removal Lotion