Stainless Steel Fruit Picker Basket


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Make The Fruit Picking Job Easier. 


No More Ladder Is Needed!


The Stainless Steel Fruit Picker Basket works just like a fishing net but for fruits!



  • Useful tool. It makes it possible for picking fruits without climbing a ladder. No fruit or tree damage. Perfect for picking apples, orange, pear, pawpaw, persimmon, put, grapes, etc.

  • Durable and practical. The fruit picking head is made of high quality stainless steel metal, it is slim and lightweight. It is made to last. Pole is not included.

  • Easy to use. Convenient and labor saving. Just place the fruit picking head on a stable and suitable handle length. It use the teeth of the ring to cut fruit down and gather them in the fruit picker basket. It is suitable for home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc.

  • For most small fruits. Great tool for orchard workers. It is perfect for picking almost any fruit that grows on a tree, and the basket can hold multiple fruit at a time. Take note that it is just for small fruits like apple, citrus, pear, peach, and many more.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size (cm): 6 x 14 x 25
  • Pole Diameter: 2.7cm
  • Note: Pole is not included



  • 1 x Stainless Steel Fruit Picker Basket