Tile Hole Locator


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No more faulty measured holes with this one step precise measurement tool! 
This sliding locator tool let you measure and cut out the perfect hole on any surfaces! 
  • Hole Locating Made Smarter And More Precise! This flexible sliding measuring locator let you measure precisely! No more rough, irregular holes in your tiles and walls! 

  • Easy Flexible Plotting! No more complications! Simply secure the slider bar and rotate the hole locator to get your perfect location with ease! This locator comes with a 360 degree adjustment and a screw-on lock cap to prevent it from getting around! 

  • Clear And Visible View! Comes with measurement inscribed on the side of the slider bar and a viewing window, you can now see the location clearly! This universal tool works for tiles, wood, plastic, paper, and even more! 


  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:


1* Tile Hole Locator