Ultimate Closet Caddy


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Reach high shelves made easy and neat with the ultimate closet caddy! 
The Ultimate Closet Caddy made it safe and accessible while organizing your closet!
  • Easily and Safely Accessible! Make use of the high shelves much more safely! Ultimate Closet Caddy let you retrieve items and put them away at ease with one push and pull! 

  • View And Organize Effortlessly! With a transparent side, the Ultimate Closet Caddy let you organize and categorize your items easily with a clear view! 

  • Hassle-free Installation! Simply clip your caddy handle onto the edge of your shelves, and you're good to go! No tools and no troubles needed! 

  • Easy Retrieval! With a lid-free design, the Ultimate Closet Caddy let you have an easy retrieval of your belongings from the caddy easily and conveniently!

  • Fit All Your Clothes In Them! Our Ultimate Closet Caddy comes with a practically huge capacity, perfectly built to hold all your belongings, such as clothes, stuffed animals, shoes, cleaning supply... all inside with the Caddy! 


  • Capacity: 4kg
  • Dimensions: 40*33*33cm
  • Weight: 0.67g
  • Bottom thickness: 0.5mm


  • 1* Ultimate Closet Caddy
  • 1* Handle
  • 2* Clips