Water-Free Clothing Stains Foam


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With the Water-Free Clothing Stains Foam, you can combat the toughest stains without doing laundry. This natural-based formula is incredibly fast-acting and does not leave any greasy, sticky, or filmy residue like other cleaners. It is ideal for eliminating tough stains and odors in upholsteries, baseball caps, helmets, and more.


  • IMMEDIATE EFFECT: It is a fast-acting, natural-based formula that uses enzymes to break down tough stains and odors

  • NON-GREASE: The cleaning agent doesn't leave any greasy, sticky, or filmy residue like other cleaners

  • IDEAL FOR STUBBORN DIRT: This is ideal for eliminating tough stains and odors

  • ECONOMICAL: Not only could it save you a fortune from professional cleaning services, but this could also be one of your best cleaning investments

  • FRESH SMELL: It helps keep fabrics smelling fresh and clean all the time

  • PROTECTS FABRICS: Do not damage your clothes or causing any color fade out.

  • DEEP CLEANING: Your clothes, shoes, baseball caps, car seats, jackets or gym bag will be stain-free and smelling fresh in no time at all
  • VERSATILE: This can also be used on your helmet, clothing, shoes, sofa, gym bags, and even as a washing machine cleaner
  • BRIGHTENS COLORS: It also works to brighten colors in your clothing
  • NO FUSS CLEANING EXPERIENCE: This is the ideal choice for a stress-free cleaning experience

    How to Use

    • Shake the product up and down before use
    • Sprayed at a dirty place at a distance of 8-10cm
    • Wait for about 15-20 seconds to automatically neutralize grease or dirt
    • Wipe the dissolved dirt back and forth with a damp towel or a wet tissue until it is clean
    • Finally, wipe it with a dry cloth and let it stand and let it dry completely

    Product Includes: 1 x Water-Free Clothing Stains Foam